How does the financial side work?

Members and their families can earn a bachelor’s degree online, with low to no out of pocket costs. Each student will complete the FAFSA, apply any grants to their account, and then will have access to an additional “Student Success Grant (SSG).” The information from each student’s FAFSA process will determine the grant amount. The most a student will have in annual out of pocket costs is $4,500, for many it will be significantly less, and for some, the out of pocket costs are expected to be zero. E-textbooks and fees are included in the out-of-pocket maximum. (Note: for some programs, additional costs, such as background checks, fingerprinting, and others, are the responsibility of the student.)

Students who are just starting out with higher education, and who have not yet earned an Associate’s degree will begin with coursework through the Free College Benefit Associate program at Eastern Gateway Community College, and then transfer into Higher Education Partners.

Enrollees with credits accumulated from other higher education institutions can have those credits evaluated for transfer into this program. Credits also transfer out to other colleges and universities.

Higher Education Partners: The Bachelors’ degrees are offered by Higher Education Partners located in Ohio and is fully accredited by the Ohio Department of Education.


Online classes let you balance life’s demands, making it possible to go to school while you continue to work.


You can choose either 8 weeks or 16-week classes, and 24/7 access means you can work on assignments any time of day, anytime during the week!


Graduate from a respected, regionally accredited academic institution. CSU is governed by the Ohio Department of Higher Ed and is part of the University System of Ohio.