Teacher Education

The Teacher Education programs prepare educators who are effective in serving as active facilitators of learning for the diverse student population. The college of education is committed to the preparation of educators that are able to experience and appreciate students, as well as the various ways of learning. CSU’s online Teacher Education program prepares students for Ohio licensure. Students wishing to teach in other states will work with CSU staff and faculty to transfer the license to their home state. Currently Early Education and Intervention Specialist programs are offered.

Business Administration

The Bachelor’s Of Science in business administration with a concentration in management is not only designed to help students develop a firm knowledge base in business, but also to enhance the student’s sense of self-discipline, dedication to purpose, and confidence necessary for success in the world of commerce. Required courses include Managerial Accounting, Information Management, Strategic Management, And Statistics.

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice program provides an overview of the criminal justice system, the causes of crime and issues relating to social control. The program is structured around a core of criminal justice courses that include topics in law enforcement, the judicial process and correctional system. The course of study consists of A general overview of the components of the criminal justice system with the overall goal of exposing students to a wide variety of academic disciplines: Business, Political Science, Psychology, Social Work and Sociology.

Interdisciplinary Studies-Humanities

This flexible degree allows students to build on their interest in more than one discipline, while providing workable options to meet your education and professional goals. The Interdisciplinary degree in humanities, builds strengths in multiple fields in areas such as English, History, and Communications, To enhance critical thinking skills (widely seen as the most valuable skill sought by employers). Students with transferable credits can build on those passions to create a customized degree path that works.

New and additional programs may have fees associated.

If you are unemployed, furloughed or laid off, don’t worry — you and your extended family members are still eligible to enroll in the Bachelor’s Degree Completion Program with no cost.

Students may enroll full or part- time. Continuous enrollment from semester to semester is required.  Students must complete FAFSA and the financial aid process.

The Central State University on-line courses offered through this program require a minimum of 10 students per section.  If the courses do not meet the minimum enrollee requirements, students may be directed to EGCC Free College to complete the course(s).  Upon satisfactory completion, the course credit can be transferred to Central State University.